What is PVD Coating?

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  • What is PVD Coating ?

    Physical vapor deposition (or PVD) is the process in which a metal material becomes vaporized in a high vacuum environment, ionized and then condensed onto a production part’s surface by electrical bias.

    PVD coating improves the surface hardness, durability, chemical and oxidation resistance of a coated tool. Such coatings are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and medical industries and other industries to provide longer tool life and ease of maintenance.


    Due to the technology advancement and complex material, PVD coatings can be now formulated to target all kind of wear and tear that our customers encounter.

    Over here at Diacoat Technologies, we offer Tetrahedral Amorphus Carbon (Pure DLC) and Multi-Arc PVD metal films to suit almost all applications.

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