HDD Tools and Fixtures

HDD Tools and Fixtures

One of the few manufacturing challenge in HDD industry is particle contamination.

Particle contamination in HDD are commonly being categorized into:

Such particles are commonly being generated by assembly tooling, jigs and fixtures which produces metal particles when they are sliding against each other, the frictional wear between 2 surface is very unpredictable and creates manufacturing issues to many engineers.

Particle contamination can cause many problem for a finished product, i.e Media Scratches, Head Damage and in worst case, crash of a HDD. This brings manufacturing cost up as HDD manufacturers scrap thousands of parts which is affected by such particle contamination.

Diacoat offers PDLC coating which have excellent lubricity , high hardness and strong adhesion on these sliding surface. It becomes a protection and lubricating film on the tool surface so that particle contamination can be effective controlled.

Besides combating particle contamination, tooling cost can also be reduced because wear and tear sets in much later when tools are coated with PDLC.

Diacoat's PDLC is commonly

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Diacoat’s PDLC is commonly applied on tools for manufacturing HDD actuators.

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Diacoat’s PDLC is commonly applied on jigs and fixtures for HDD head stack, Slider and Head Gimbal assembly.