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Diacoat Technologies - Thailand's PVD / Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating Specialist

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Wear and tear costs billions of dollars in terms in manufacturing cost, countless man-hours lost, machine down time in almost all manufacturing industries, it is no longer a novelty for companies to apply vacuum coating to enhance tool life and to improve productivity in their manufacturing process.

Here in Diacoat , we provide wear and tear solution through our unique PVD coating specialize in surface treatment of precision tools to enhance its performance and service life.

Diacoat Technologies Co., Ltd. Incorporated since Dec 2015, specialises in PVD coatings, we support customers in Hard Disc Drive manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Packaging and Semicondutor industries.

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About Our Business | How did we become Successful

Diacoat Technologies Co,. Ltd is a BOI promoted company situated in the province of Pathum Thani,near to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand which is easily assessable to major electronics manufacturing industrial parks and hard disc drive manufacturing MNCs.

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We Strive for a HIGH QUALITY Service for our customers

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Provide you with state of the art thin film coating service

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